Bud believes our people should
be free to work, free to build and free to grow. We should relieve Honolulu of burdensome
regulations and fight for kama'āina rights to live and
care for their families.




Taking care of our land
means that we must have
food security. In the past,
Hawaiians grew food for
all without costly imports.
With some common sense
and changes in our land 
use we can do it again!
Honolulu roads rank lowest
in the nation partly because
Rail has taken so much money away from repairs. We can stop this hemorrhaging and smooth our roads for all of Oahu's
residents. Let's fix our roads!
Hawaii is special because of
our unique spirit of Aloha, but
our local community can no
longer endure cold and
unresponsive leadership.
The real change we need is
having Bud working for us
at Honolulu Hale!

YES! Bud's got MY VOTE!